San Francisco Bay Area FOP Album

This is an album of various picture of and about the San Francisco Bay Area Faternal Order of Police

2018 Convention

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LarryFrederickPhoto OPD 87th Recruit School (1) OPDLogo RichardRichardsonPlot
SFBAFOP17BannerPatrickBurke SFBAFOP17BannerRobGilles Woz@Mike WozCAFOP01132018
WozChuckCanterbury2015 WozMVCAdedication10232017 WozSouzaFrederickApril2010 Sue Wilson has retired  After a long tenure as the Vice President of California Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 17, Sue Wilson has retired from the position of Vice President and was awarded a plaque recognizing her many years of service to Lodge 17 at the quarterly General Membership meeting held in Novato 1-9-2015
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